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Poll: What will the M Stand For? (In Android M)

Now as you already know that Google has accidentally revealed the codename of the next version of Android that is “Android M”. So there are many suggestions and rumours about the upcoming “M”. We thought we should ask you and give our own list for the “M”.

What will the M stand for?

Since Google have removed the event so we are not even sure that next coming Android is codenamed as Android M. But we have a list of sweets that starts with M as Google have promised that the name of Android version will be based on Sweet items. We believe that M is for Mango or Mulberry or Muffin maybe Milkshake or Mousse. It could be Mars (Chocolate Bar) or Munchies. Mithai is also an option.

But what do you think? There is a large list of sweet stuff starting with “M”. Vote for one which you believe that next version of Android M stand for. You can also suggest your own “M” based sweet.

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