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7 tech spring cleaning tips

Courtney, a Search expert at google and author of this topic shared this material on google support we like it and thought that we should share it too with you guys.

It’s spring cleaning time, and we don’t just mean emptying out the junk from your your closet and garage. This year, take a few minutes to clean up the devices in your life and get organized online.

1. Declutter your inbox

Inbox cluttered with unopened emails? Start by setting up inbox tabs and categories so you can move promotional emails and social updates out of your inbox. Then, archive messages you don’t want anymore. Anything that’s archived won’t get deleted, so you can always find it later by searching.

Bonus tip: If you have Inbox by Gmail, you can snoozethe emails that don’t need your immediate attention.

2. Move your old photos & documents to the cloud

You don’t have to worry about losing everything in a computer crash when your files are in the cloud. With 15 GB of free storage in Google Drive, you can rest easy knowing your documents and pictures are safe. Learn how to upload files and folders to Google Drive. You can even add Drive to your computer to automatically sync any new documents you create.

3. Organize your Chrome bookmarks

Over the last year, you’ve bookmarked about 100 sites and articles you promised you’d go back to later. If your bookmarks are a huge mess, take a few minutes to organize your Chrome bookmarks. Delete ones you don’t want and make folders for the ones you still like.

If you’re using a Chromebook, learn how to update your Chromebook software.

4. Protect your phone’s photos

Let’s face it – you don’t even use your old camera anymore. To keep all of the photos on your phone safe from a smashed screen or a toilet bowl, back up your photos and videos automatically. As a bonus, Google+ will also create great gifs, videos, and edited photos from the images you upload.

5. Update your apps & software

You’ve been putting it off for months, but today is finally the day. Start by updating your phone’s operating system to make sure you’re getting the latest and greatest on your Nexus or Google Play edition device. When you’re done, update the apps you’ve downloaded.

6. Keep your account secure

Change your Google Account password and use thesetips for creating strong password. While you’re at it, you can add a second layer of security to your account by turning on 2-Step Verification, which requires both a code that’s texted to your phone and your password to get into your account.

7. Say goodbye to sticky notes and grocery lists

Gone are the days when you wrote piles of to-do lists. Using the Google app, you can create a reminder that goes off at a certain time or place. For example, say “Ok Google remind me to buy milk at the grocery store” or “Ok Google remind me to watch Game of Thrones at 10 PM on Sundays.”

Via Google Support

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