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Google Announced Project Fi, Becomes a Wireless Carrier

Google made Project Fi uncovered, after many news and rumors. Google has partnered with Sprint and T-Mobile, two of the leading carriers in the US, to launch its new service. Which will allow you to get access to two 4G LTE networks. Google’s Project Fi allows customers to seamlessly move between mobile networks and WiFi hotspots, connecting them to the best speeds at any given moment. Project Fi uses new technology to give you fast speed in more places and better connections to Wi-Fi

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Nick Fox, VP of Communications Products in Google announced this project on an official blog:

Today we’re introducing Project Fi, a program to explore this opportunity by introducing new ideas through a fast and easy wireless experience. Similar to our Nexus hardware program, Project Fi enables us to work in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and all of you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. By designing across hardware, software and connectivity, we can more fully explore new ways for people to connect and communicate. Two of the top mobile networks in the U.S.—Sprint and T-Mobile—are partnering with us to launch Project Fi and now you can be part of the project too.


Through new technology developed with Google two partners, Project Fi puts you on the best available network between Wi-Fi and two 4G LTE networks. This means you get access to more
cell towers and 4G LTE in more places.

Highest-quality connection

Google developed this new technology that will give you better coverage by intelligently connecting you to the fastest available network at your location whether it’s Wi-Fi or one of the two partner LTE networks. As you go about your day, Project Fi automatically connects you to more than a million free, open Wi-Fi hotspots we’ve verified as fast and reliable. Once you’re connected, Google help secure your data through encryption. When you’re not on Wi-Fi, Project Fi move you between whichever of our partner networks is delivering the fastest speed, so you get 4G LTE in more places.

Easy communication across networks and devices

Wherever you’re connected to Wi-Fi—whether that’s at home, your favorite coffee shop or your Batcave—you can talk and text like you normally do. If you leave an area of Wi-Fi coverage, your call will seamlessly transition from Wi-Fi to cell networks so your conversation doesn’t skip a beat. Google want to help phone numbers adapt to a multi-screen world. With Project Fi, your phone number lives in the cloud, so you can talk and text with your number on just about any phone, tablet or laptop. So the next time you misplace your phone, you can stay connected using another screen.

Simple service experience

Project Fi takes a fresh approach to how you pay for wireless, manage your service, and get in touch when you need help. Fi offer one simple plan at one price with 24/7 support.


For $20 a month you get all the basics (talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage in 120+ countries), and then it’s a flat $10 per GB for cellular data while in the U.S. and abroad. 1GB is $10/month, 2GB is $20/month, 3GB is $30/month, and so on. Since it’s hard to predict ones data usage, you’ll get credit for the full value of your unused data. Let’s say you go with 3GB for $30 and only use 1.4GB one month. You’ll get $16 back, so you only pay for what you use. Taxes and government surcharges vary per state, but are normally between 10-20%. For example, if your monthly bill is $40, the taxes on your statement could be between $4-8.


Google also started Project Fi’s Early Access Program to invite people to sign up for the service. Project Fi will be available on the Nexus 6, which Google developed with Motorola and is the first smartphone that supports the hardware and software to work with Google’s service. If you live where Fi have coverage in the U.S., request an invite here



Via:  Google Blog



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