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Apple’s First Ever Android App is Not Welcomed by Android Users

We previously reported that Apple is looking for some Android developers and we also told you that we believe that Apple is going to build some official apps which will help you to migrate from Android to Apple so yesterday Apple launched its first ever Android App “Move To iOS” that allows Android users to switch to iOS. But Android users didn’t welcomed the app in Google Play Store. Android fans are rating the app as one and two starts which clearly depicts that they don’t want to switch to iOS.

Move To iOS App Reviews on google play store
The app primarily has 8,036 one star reviews and 1,818 five-star reviews

The reviews are pretty entertaining to go through. Most of the users don’t like Apples idea to converts Android users to iOS. Many thinks that Apple should had followed the guild-lines of Android App material design. A lot of users are also complaining that this app does not even worked for them and have a lot of bugs. So we choose five reviews that will help you understand that what Android users are thinking about the app. Here are some of the reviews that Android Fans have given.

Lucas Diego said that:

Really?? First of all, why in the whole world, would I migrate from Android to iOS?!? I don’t see any reason at all! Second of all, seriously?! An Android app looking like a iOS?? IMHO, Apple should have showed some respect and followed android material design! How does Google allow such kind of thing? Come on!!!

(Lucas Gave One Star Review)

Shahzaib Imam wrote that:

Wow, nice impressions Apple Lol, the first app they created was to move android users to iPhone. You know why the iPhone users don’t hate android as much as the Android users hate ios its because Google makes available their apps on other OSs and doesn’t restrict them. Google photos for example, they made it available for everyone just because they want to make this world a better place, unlike apple just wants to make money and no innovation.

(Shahzaib Gave One Star Review)

Andres Tinoco-Valencia reviewed this app by writing this:

Apple the communist Apple has always criticized Android. Yet, they continue to utilize Android technology and features that they always criticized. 3D touch? Multi-task, 3rd party apps, spen, and many more features that Apple said were not necessary, are now the “game changing” features of Apple, and Apple supposedly innovated those features. Apple claims to be the first at everything. Everything Apple is doing with the iPhone just shows how popular Android is. How much it influences and innovates.Apple is afraid.

(Andres Gave One Star Review)

Jon Kersey also wanted to stay with Android and said that:

I like oranges better to be honest, I’m surprised that they didn’t try to pattern transferring data since it’s been 7 years and this finally exist, but they are saying it’s the best thing since sliced bread, well my phone isn’t bread so I’m gonna stay with Android

(Jon Gave One Star Review)

Phillip Malone said that the app didn’t worked for him:

This app didn’t help me move from iOS to Android. If you are telling the truth that “Everything about iOS is designed to be easy.”, shouldn’t you be making an app to make it easier for me to move from iOS to Android? You obviously have done the work to map items between the two OSes, surely it would have been easy for you to write the code to go the other way, right? Wouldn’t that have been “neighbourly” of you?

(Phillip Gave Two Stars Review)

Now after reading these reviews you should head up to the app page and read other reviews yourself. After reading the reviews it clearly shows that Apples first android app is not welcomed by Android users.

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